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pain in my back

I have a sharp pain in the lower right-side of my back. It goes away and comes back every so often and it seems like it goes all the way down my leg sometimes. Any ideas as to what it could be?

Try seeing a chiropracter. BY ALIGINING UR BACK, THEY ACTUALLY INCREASE NERVE FLOW AND GRADUALLY REDUCE PAIN (that’s what it sounds like u have — prob. with nerves.)

It worked 4 my mom after being involved in a skiing accident where she pinched a nerve in her neck and tore most of the ligaments on her knee – she still runs 2 miles a day and 3 on weekends…

“goes all the way down my leg sometimes” is a clear warning signal – sounds like a sciatic nerve. GO SEE A DOCTOR! Odds are he’ll send you out the door in 20 minutes with no anxiety; it may not be anything significant, or it may save you months of rehab.

I don’t think I’ll have to go to rehab. A few years ago when I first felt it, it was REALLY bad. I could hardly walk. Now every once in a while I feel it a little bit and it just annoys the hell out of me because I can’t bend over w/ out pain or squat down. I’ll try to get to a chiropractor asap though, thanks.

For your sake, I hope I’m wrong, but it sounds just like sciatica to me. I’d get to a chiropracter to find out for sure. I had a really bad case for about a year or so during high school, and at times, I even had a hard time walking right. Go see a doc now, don’t let it get any worse. (sure way to tell, try to touch your toes- youll feel an intense sharp pain.)

It sounds like you strained some muscles – primarily Quadratus Lumborum and Piriformis. TPain on one side of the lower back usually indicated QL strain, and the pain down your leg is probably caused by a tight Piriformis muscle impinging the sciatic nerve. Go see a skilled Massage Therapist (i.e. not the corner masseuse!). Go with the least invasive therapy first. A little stretching a deep tissue work should go a long way.

I agree, see a chiropractor. Also consider finding a good massage therapist. Doctors are a waist of time when it comes to most issues with pain in your back. If that doesn’t make the pain go away, THEN go to a doctor.

To relieve the inflamation of your sciatic nerve, take a couple Advil. Just try it.

It could be an alignment problem or a herniated disk.

Take a few advil? I dunno Choad…for me, it personally didn’t get any better til I finally had a cortisone shot.

Whatever you do, do not go see a chiropractor.
They are a waste of money and suck you in coming back for more for months or even years later. I have known so many people who by going to a chiropractor, made their problems worse.

I get the same symptoms and Advil cures me. It might be worse than just a simple inflammation though. Cortizone shots really aren’t too good for you, and I would hate to have to get one in my back.