Pain In My Ass

Is HCG supposed to feel like getting stung by a 30 lb. bee? I injected 2cc yesterday and it hurt so bad my eyes teared up. Was this because of the temperature of it maybe (it was fresh out the fridge)? If so would it hurt to let it warm up to room temp.? thanx, Lain.

I wouldn’t inject 2 cc straight out of
the refrigerator, though it doesn’t bother
me to inject sub-Q 0.2 cc (20 “IU” on an insulin needle) that is refrigerated.

You may also have injected too fast. Definitely move the plunger quite slowly so as to give the stuff you've injected already time to seep away from the injection site before the new stuff comes in too. Two cc is a pretty big cavity to try to force your muscle to have to open up by injecting suddenly.

I can’t recommend for sure that HCG for
which the package insert says to dilute to
10 mL need not really be diluted that much,
but Profasi HCG dilutes 5000 or 10,000 IU
into only ONE cc (I prefer using 2 cc if
it’s 10,000 IU though) which is far more
convenient, and makes sub-Q injections