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Pain in Lower Traps

Recently I’ve been trying to get my form correct on Deadlifts and Squats. I have more trouble with my form on deadlifts. I haven’t been using a lot of weight on either. For the past two weeks, after my saturday workout, my lower traps are sore. It feels like I ‘pulled something’, or slept on it wrong, type-of-soreness. It’s a sharp pain (when I move my head down, chin touching my chest, primarily), that is right between the top of my shoulder blades.

I think the pain is coming from my DLs, just because my form isn’t great on it. I could be wrong. Here’s my sat workout:

Squat 3X5
Deadlift 2 sets, 8 for first set (135) and 2 for 225
Front Squats 3X8
Calf presses (not sure about the name) 3X15

Anyone have an ideas if this is a form issue? Or could this be because my lower traps are very weak compared to the weight I’m DLing? Any suggestions for fixes?

This might be related, but I did bench this morning and the ‘soreness’ seems to have kicked up a few notches. Maybe I’m forcing my head into the bench when benching? I don’t recall doing so, FTR.

I’m no doctor, but I’ve just recovered from a trapezius tear on my right side. It felt bad after backworkouts, Dl’s, BB rows and such. And moreso after BB Benching. Had problems turning my head and some mornings I couldn’t lift my head of the pillow without crinching from the pain.
Physical therapy / massage helped alot.
And I’ve started stretching after workouts.