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Pain in Lower Back

Hey everybody,

Yesterday I was warming up for power cleans (135) and pulled something in my lower back (a little above the ass and to the right).

Im kinda worried, it being the back and all. Im curious to know if this could be something like a disk slip or something? Or just a plain old pull in the lower back.

I know it’s kinda hard to diagnose over the internet. But the pain comes and goes (mostly from walking), and ive been icing it every hour.

All I’ve got to say is check out Dr. Stuart McGill. Type his name into the search engine and you’ll get some great articles.

Keep up the recovery methods for a day or so and see if it goes away. If it doesn’t or you have some pain that remains no matter what you do, go see a doctor. The back is not something you want to screw around with.