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Pain in Lower Abs when I Squat and Deadlift


Didn't really find the right place to post this so it ended up here.

When i go heavy on squats and deadlift these days i get this weird pain right above my junk, lower ab region. It basically feels like a mix of the muscle getting torn in half and someone burning me with a blow torch. I have some big competitions coming up, and would really like to get back in shape before then.
My squat is reduced with about 60-70lb and deadlift with over 100lb which makes it really hard to get a good workout in.

Any tips or ideas what the hell this is?


I have no medical background and it is almost impossible to diagnose injury over the internet but it's possible that you have a hernia.

My mom got a hernia somewhere around there and needed surgery.

Can you feel the intestines sticking out through the mesh of muscle where the pain is?


Yeah, i'm going to go with the hernia diagnosis.

Go to the doctor ASAP. They can treat it quickly, and then you can get back on track with your training.


I'm having some trouble translating this part

"Can you feel the intestines sticking out through the mesh of muscle where the pain is?"

How bad is hernia actually? I just read up on a translation, so i know what it is, but not how bad it can be. If i would need surgery like BONEZ said or it can be treated quickly.

Thanks for both replies :slight_smile:


nvm the translation part, just figured it out. I thought it said intensive not intestines.. Can't really say i do though, but i'll make sure to go to the doctor asap.

Just gonna ask again, if it is hernia, how serious would that be? I have to wrestle kazakstan in 3 weeks and would like to be healthy by then, or is that too much to ask for?


What I can tell you, is that the way they treat the hernia that the other poster stated, they take a fine mesh and place it between the skin and muscle to create a barrier to keep the intesines back. I believe it's done fairly quickly, and it's an outpatient procedure.

When are you going to the docs?


It's a hernia.

You need to get your dick chopped off immediately.


That's better answered by your doctor.

Heavy training will be out of the question for a period of time. I've known a couple of guys that have had multiple hernias, and it's like they're prone to them.

Good luck.


Thank you for both answeres, even though i'd like to keep my dick.

I'll make sure i make an appointment tommorrow and get there hopefully by wedensday. I'll just update the thread quick if he figures out what it is.


LOL! I'm glad when I had my hernia, chopping off my dick was not on the list of treatment options. That would have sucked.

To the OP, it does sound like a hernia. If you don't get it fixed, it can end up leading to a trip to the emergency room if it becomes strangulated and those can be fatal if untreated.

When I had my hernia surgery, I was unable to train for about four weeks. I was able to resume after that, but slowly. It took about another month before I really felt comfortable with training hard again.


Ahh, ok. Really bad timing. I guess i should have went to the doctor with this earlier instead of working through the pain. I would have been fit and ready for the wrestling season.

How long did it take you to get back to your normal strenght?


I had been training with mine for a long time before it really started to bother me. The doctor suggested that I might have had it for years.

I think it took me around 2-3 months before I felt like I was back to where I was before the surgery. It didn't take too long to blow away my old pre-surgery PRs. In fact, I've trained harder since the surgery than I did before.

This was about 10 years ago though, so the details are a little fuzzy on the exact amount of time it took me to recover.


Ahh, well, i don't really have a choice anyways. I wont get any new PR's with the hernia. I don't really have any big competitions untill after christmas so i guess i better get it done then.

I'll be sure to keep motivated through it all :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:


It's because you're not drinking milk while squatting.


Guess i should get one of those baseball beer hats and get my milk on then.

One last question.. Will i still be able to do lighter clean and press'es and other olympic lifts though.. I guess ill stop bitchin after this post and go to the doctor..


All depends on the severity on the hernia in question, some can be life threatening if not treated.


Just got back from my doctors visit. I want to strangle him. He told me i have to wait it out, it is hernia, but it hasnt completely popped out yet. I told him i'm a competitive wrestler and its holding me back both wrestling and lifting wize.

I'm not giving up yet though, going to an athlete specialist who has a better mindset and might actually fix me.. Sometimes i wonder how they let so stupid people go to med school.... Guess he is book smart and lacking the other part..


I'm sorry to hear that, but it's funny because the doctor told me the same thing initially. She told me I should wait until it gets worse. WHAT?! So wait until it becomes strangulated and life threatening? That makes sense.

Basically, I waited a month and then scheduled another appointment and told her it hurt all the time even when doing normal tasks, like getting out of bed in the morning (which wasn't really true). After that, she agreed to schedule the surgery.


I had something like that, with a hernia that poked out and then slipped back at once. You seem to have the choice of letting you muscles and tendons stabilise and move back during rest or to take the chance and hope that the their weakening will not lead to a full-blown hernia with a possible operation and life-time ban for lifting. I think I would go for option one.


Angryvader- Hehe, that was actually my plan. I know i tell him i'm not going to be able to go to work\school etc he'll get me some kind of threatment.. Atleast i hope so.. The tactic im using these days if that dont work is just to do any exercise that gives stress to the lower abs to bring the hernia out.. Might not me too smart if it gets stuck though :slightly_smiling: I'll try your technique :wink:

TQB- If im not completely wrong here, the whole wont heal if just give it rest etc, it can either stay the same or get worse. And the people above that had hernia is apperently still lifting since they're on T-Nation..

But one thing is for sure.. I will keep lifting even though ill have to go to south america for some scetchy robocop hip replacement!!