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Pain in Legs


Hi, I'm hoping someone could help me diagnose a problem. I have been doing CT's "Running Man" program (the 400 m sprint portion).

I have a problem however. Whenever I run I get excruciating pain on the inside (not front) portion of my shins. The first week I started with a single 400 m sprint and could barely walk for the next week. The pain gradually subsided and today I attempted week 2. I couldn't get more than 15 steps before I had to tap out.

This pain appears if I attempt to do less intense running as well (no matter how little teh distance). My shoes are relativley new (broken in but not old) and with the tiny amounts of distance I'm skeptical that they could produce this much pain.

The pain occurs in a "strip" about 4 inches long on the inside lower area of each skin bone. What could this be? If anyone could offer any insight I would be very grateful. Thanks.


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