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Pain in Left Wrist

so I dont know why this is happening but my left wrist is starting to get a little painful and is getting weaker in a sense…my right wrist is completely fine, but my left is just giving my problems like no tomorow…its messing up my sets because my left wrist will go out and im now missing reps on my sets because my wrist wont stay in a straight line. wrist wraps are working right now but id like to know whats causing this. my form on my lifts are good and ive never had this problem before. btw I only get problems on pushing movements such as military press and bench…pulling movements like pullups and deadlifts give me no trouble. I know its not good to rely on wrist wraps because its important to build strength in your wrists…but why is only one of my wrists giving my trouble…if my form was bad wouldn’t both my wrists be flaring up in pain