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Pain in Left Tailbone/Glute?

I am really pissed off by this as it’s seemed to have happened when I was single leg deadlifting baby weights (20kg of total weight) paying ultra-strict attention to form (not rounding over), and deadlifting to a box to limit range-of-motion. This is the only exercise in my routine that even puts any pressure on the spine.

I now have a dull pain in my left tailbone or glute. Or maybe it’s the very lower back - I can’t tell. It hurts least when sitting or standing and most when lying flat on my back (as in sleeping). I can bring about the pain more by bending over forwards and to the right (i.e. away from the painful left side). Bending over forwards on its own will not hurt it, and bending to the right on its own will not hurt it - it needs to be bending forwards and to the right.

Also the dull ache makes me feel queasy at times, similar to the sensation you’d get if you were hit in the nuts, but on a less intense scale.

Is there anyone who might know what this is, and what I can do (rehab exercises) to make it go away?

Thanks in advance!!

Hey, sounds like a bruised tailbone, or that the muscles surrounding the tailbone have pulled over to the more dominant side. This usually happens as a result of a weak core. When this happened to me, I rest until (RICE) the pain was bearable and began working on core strength (planks) avoid sit-up or stuff compressing or bending the spine to much. Hope I could help!