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Pain in Left Buttock After Squatting (Not DOMS)

Around 2 weeks ago I was squatting, and suddenly, I fell a pain in my left buttock. It was on my last set. I kept going, and finished up.

2 weeks later, the pain is still there. I’ve been stretching the area, and I’ve not been squatting.

It’s only when I do the squat movement itself, like sitting down, and standing up.

What is this, and how can I get rid of it?

Do you sit on your wallet a lot?

sounds like a piriformis issue to me.

Try this: get a lacrosse ball, or a tennis ball or similar, sit with your leg bent and your knee pointing out like you were sitting cross legged, stick the ball under your ass cheek and roll around til you hit the sweet spot.

You’ll know it’s the sweet spot because it’ll hurt. A lot. After a couple of minutes though you should feel a lot better.

Unless of course I’m wrong and it’s not a piriformis issue. Then you’ll have gone through all that pain for nothing. Sorry!