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Pain in Knee After 1RM for Squats

So a few weeks ago i was going for my 1RM on squats. Every set up until the 1RM felt like it was going up east. On my final set while i was coming back up i felt a sharp pain in my left knee and it swelled up. Now occasionally just standing there or if i twist just right i get the same sharp pain. The swelling has gone down, the pain is just below my knee cap, and to the outside of the knee whenever it occurs. And any leg workouts seem to cause it to flare up. Anyone have any idea what i could have done to it?

You should see a doctor, preferably one who deal with sports injuries. It’s impossible to diagnose an injury on a forum. There are a lot of things that could have happened, injury to ligaments, injury to cartilage, injury to muscles, and so on.

Yeah, i was trying to give it a few weeks to see if the inflammation would go down. don’t want to go to the doctors if it just ended up being something that would go away on its own.