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Pain In Hips and Legs.


Hey folks,

A couple days back I used the leg curl machine during one of my workouts. Now for the past couple days I have had extensive pain in my hips shooting down to my hamstrings and sometimes to my knees...is this some sort of sciatic nerve impingement? The pain increases when I am sitting and doesnt affect me as much when I am standing...


Any pain with bending over to touch your toes or if you lie on your back and lift your leg straight up like you are stretching your hamstrings?

Take care,



Hello Dr.Ryan,

I cannot touch my toes but there is no pain when I perform either movements.
Another thing I forgot to mention is that I was doing leg curls after a long time and my hamstrings were sore after the workout. So, apart from my pain there is also soreness in my hamstrings. The pain is receding now but now there is some numbness in my quads...Dont know what is going on...

Dr.Ryan, would you suggest that someone like me who really doesnt have any serious problems should get tune-ups from a chiro on regular intervals to avoid such injuries?


I would say that not being able to touch your toes is a serious problem.