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Pain in Heel

So I jumped off a 6 feet elevation onto the ground (solid tarmac), and instead of landing with a slight forward bend, my right heel absorbed most of the impact, and I fell flat on my bum.

At the time, I didn’t feel too much pain, just a slight numbness and discomfort right in the middle of my heal. Woke up the next day, and the pain was pretty unbearable. I cannot put any weight on my right heel.

I did some research online, and came to know that there’s a layer of fat tissue that’s beneath the heel’s surface, which protects it from impact injuries. When the heel area does get injured, this fat tissue can get displaced, which leads to swelling. I’ve been applying the P.R.I.C.E principle since this morning. However the pain hasn’t let up, and I imagine it won’t anytime soon. The pain is only there when I put weight on it though.

Now my question is, after icing the region for 20 mins (that’s what it said, every 2 hours, 20 mins and up to 72 hours), how long do I have to compress and elevate it. Do I compress AND elevate it for another 20 mins right after icing it? I don’t want to start taking any anti-inflammatory meds at the moment, as I’m already on anti-biotics and pain relievers for a fever and sore throat.

I very much look forward to your input.


Some in-depth FB would be nice.