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Pain in Hand/Wrist. Work Out?


Six weeks ago I fell snowboarding in Ã?re, Sweden. Landed on my left hand/wrist. The resulting pain has kept me out of the gym. Any distinct pushing motions cause pretty moderate pain and discomfort. Common sense tells me that if it hurts, don't do it.

When I went to see two different Dr's here in Sweden, neither of them seemed to believe there had been any type of fracture, but possibly some distortion (whatever that might mean) of tendons/bones/ligaments, etc. They advised that working out would be fine and gave me, for lack of better terms, an Ace bandage.

Went to the gym yesterday and pushed to 40kg Db's on the flat bench and experienced pretty moderate pain, still.

Has anyone had a similar experience or was able to work through a mild injury like this through some sort of 'active recovery'? I am hesitant to cause more pain on my hand/wrist in case it further complicates the problem and I've been misdiagnosed.

Any help would be appreciated.



So you fell down, and a fracture was ruled out without an X-Ray. That's possible I guess, just by feeling the hand and looking for swelling. But the doctors thought there could be some tendon/ligament damage and didn't request an MRI, just a ace bandage? Sounds like great doctors to me. 6 weeks is a long time to have pain, go back to a doctor and say its been like this for 6+ weeks even though you've rested it. Rest obviously is not working, so if they tell you to rest it push for an MRI or something that could prove them right or wrong.

I tore a tendon out of its cartilage sheath in my right wrist, waited to see a doctor for a month because I thought it was minor. Saw one and he thought it might be sprained so rest for 3 weeks. Did nothing, saw another doc who though the cartilage might be torn so put me in a splint/brace, didn't work. Saw another who said it was likely torn tfcc, said the doc who was qualified to do surgery was in a different city so I went to him. This guy said the tfcc was torn but wasn't causing my pain, said it was the tendon out of place. So had to get surgery.

Long process, but could've been much quicker if I would've realized months of pain without activity was a serious problem. Also, the wrist has a lot going on in it.

Find a wrist specialist, not a general doc. I could lift through my pain but it was and is a stupid idea. Be aware if it is any cartilage/ligament damage it takes a long time to heal.


Thanks for the feedback. To update, I have gotten an X-ray and am now awaiting the results. They seemingly ruled out any serious ligament damage as well, suggestion there could simply be some "distortion", of which I'm still unsure of the meaning.

The only real activity that causes pain is pushing or turning my palm upward. I have basically full range of mobility and most activities seem not to bother the issue. Would it be advisable to use exercises which seemingly cause no pain, until I hear back from the Dr's, or should I avoid activity altogether?

Thanks in advance for any tips


I don't like what your symptoms are, it sounds way to close to what I had happen to me 2 years ago. Where is the pain? My pain was on the pinky side of my wrist, on the side of your arm that faces you when your palm is towards you. I had no pain except when I tried to turn my wrist palm up, and some pushing. It was eventually diagonsed as ECU Subluxation. It took 3 docs to get that result, the other 2 had no idea what that even was. Make sure your docs are wrist specialists, and see a couple.

If it doesn't bother you I would say you can lift. I really hope for your sake you don't have what I had/have, but read up on ECU Subluxation and see if it fits.