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Pain in Glutes When Squatting


Whenever I squat down whether it be front or back, usually its front, I feel a pain in the very bottom range of the squat motion in what I am almost positive to assume is my bone directly underneath my right glute.

I also feel it whenever I sit down on a chair and most of the time, I can't have my legs at a 90 degree angle so to compensate, I must sit back and extend my legs and thus, create a horrible posture. Ive foam rolled, stretched, and tried to activate them as much as I can to no avail and it still hurts in the bottom motion.

Im not sure whats wrong but again, I'm almost positive that my bone is the problem.

One thing I've noticed is that, ever since I stopped eating anything dairy a year back, I've had three bone problems: one in left groin, right groin, and now this. The lack of calcium may have taken a toll on me but maybe its the joint and not the bone.

Any ideas as to what I can do about it? I'm not going to visit a damn doctor either because all they're going to say is, "rest and don't workout"


You would think "damn doctors" are more educated when it comes to all things medical than people on an internet forum.


...those damn doctors and their years of medical schooling, who do they think they are with all their fancy machines and knowledge...
Seriously though. Why not just go have it checked out? if you feel this pain even when you�??re sitting down there is likely something out of whack. Only way to know for sure is get an xray, get an mri and have somebody with actual medical training make a diagnosis.


Ill see an orthopedic surgeon to get an xray but until then, what r ur thoughts?