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Pain in Glute/IT Band from Sumo DL

Hey guys. I tried deadlifting sumo the other day, and it felt really strong at the time, but a couple days later and…holy ****. Now I am getting this shooting pain if I rotate my leg or step on it the wrong way. The pain is on the outside/back of my leg, at the bottom of the Gluteus Maximus where it meets the IT band in this picture:


Here’s a video of my form from two angles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXdsg0Krels&feature=player_embedded

I’ve seen people complaining of GROIN pain (inner leg/thigh) when switching to sumo, but not this sort of pain on the outer/back of the leg that I’m feeling. Anyone experience this when first switching to sumo? Did it go away eventually?

I had a similar pain when I would squat wide and it took forever to go away. What helped me remedy some of the pain would be to take a lacrosse ball (a baseball or softball would work too) and put it under my high hamstring while i sat on top of it on the floor. Kind of just let it grind back and forth. Id repeat that 2-3x a day.

Yeah I have the same pain it’s making my lower back tight. The culprit is your glutes hams and the muscle on the outside of your hip. I recommend rolling your glutes with any of the balls mentioned above it kills but youll feel great afterwards. I squat wide as well so the hips and ass are getting a beating! Hams as well.

I was getting some hip and SI joint pain from sumo and I eventually fixed it by strengthening my adductors. I squat wide as well, so I think I created an imbalance.