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pain in forearm

the other day i was doing some preacher curls and got some pain my outter forearms and i still have the pain a couple days later… anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be? maybe a pull or something? thanks.

Yes, I had the exact same problem a couple weeks back. I was lifting to heavy and my elbows were sliding out to the side a little to much. I was also not locking my wrists hich took some of the stress of the biceps and put it on the forearms. This is most likely your problems. Just watch your form and the pain will go away. Try taking the weight down 5 or 10 pounds for a couple weeks.
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I know there is a reason why we get pains in our forearms from lifting, especially when doing bicep curl type exercises, but i don’t remember exactly why…anybody know???

Forearm splints. Stay away from the preacher curl for a while and ice that part of your forearm after training. I used to get these pretty bad, but I haven’t had them in a while.

From just a few months of shitty form (when I first started lifting), I have some terrible “forearm splints” in my left forearm. Even after extended layoffs from any type of preacher or barbell curling movements, it flares up with a fury the minute I attempt a heavy lift in any of these movements. Long periods of rest after a flare up (we’re talking months here) usually do enable me to work in the 8-12 range relatively pain free, however.

I also have forearm splints and it seem they are aggrevated by the EZ bar and not the preacher bench so I just do curls with dumbbells or with a straight bar and I am fine.