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Pain in Elbow

So I noticed some elbow pain a few months ago. It went away for a bit but now its back. Nothing too bad but I’m afraid it will get worse. Its a dull pain, nothing really sharp and its in the general area of my elbow/end of tricep on my right arm.

I notice it the most when I bench press and sometimes during dips, chin ups, or even getting into position for cable crossovers. Any ideas as to what this could be? Also will foam rolling help?

Tough to say. There are so many things that could cause elbow pain. Could be a shoulder issue, an imbalance in the upper arm muscles, simple over-use…

Start by listing your entire routine, to the letter. Lifts, sets, reps, weight, which ones cause you pain and when.

I do a 4 day Push Pull Routine. The first thing you’ll notice is the lack of lower body work. That is because I just got surgery done but I’ll be back at it soon. The week before last I took the entire week off for surgery as well. I was hoping that would help but its back. Also this is my first week of lowering the reps on bench press, shoulder press, and barbell rows to 7,5,3. Before it was 10,8,6. These are my two most recent push and pull days.

Bench Press- (warm up) Barx10, 95x3, 115x3, 135x3 (work sets) 180x7, 185x5, 190x4 (slight pain during work sets, most noticable when racking the weight)

Shoulder Press- (no warm up) 90x7, 95x5, 100x7 (should’ve gone up in weight)

Dumbbell Front Raises- 20x12, 20x12, 20x12

Cable Crossover Low 2 High- 42.5x12, 45x10, 50x10 (go up in weight)

Cable Crossover High 2 Low- 70x12, 75x10, 80x10 (pain when getting cable into starting position)

Dips- 3 sets of 12 (occasional pain but rare)

Cable Pushdowns (rope)- 100x12, 105x10, 110x8

chin ups- 3 sets of 10 (some pain here)

Barbell Bent Over Row- 165x7, 175x5, 185x3

Dumbbell Rows- 60x15, 65x12, 70x10 (need to go up in weight)

Barbell Shrugs- 155x12, 165x10, 175x10 (need to go up)

DB Lateral Raises- 20x12, 25x7, 20x12

EZ Bar Curls- (Idk how much this bar weighs so ill put weight on either side of bar) 22.5x10, 25x8, 27.5x8

Cable Curls- 110x12, 115x10, 120x7

I know its not the greatest routine. Im making do with lack of leg work and without deadlifting which sucks. Trying to bring up my chest and add some mass. Thanks

Looks like over-use.

Push day:
Bench Press 7-5-3(-3-3)
Shoulder Press 7-5-3(-3-3)
Superset Lateral Raises with Low-High Crossovers 5x10
Overhead Triceps Press

Pull day:
Chin-ups (or lat pulls, if you can’t pull to your chest)
Bent Row or DB row 7-5-3(-3-3)
Superset Shrugs and High Row 5x10
EZ curls
Spider curls

Ideally, if you want big arms, give them their own day.

Your ramped sets should be at least 10% apart. So your bench press should have been 150x7 (easy, perfect reps) 170x5 (a little harder, still perfect form) 190x3. You can also add a couple of sets at the end of your main lifts if you want, for more volume at the heaviest weight.

You’ll find out that you are stronger than you think once you use your ramp sets to AMP YOU UP, not tire you out. Fatigue is accomplished during the assistance work.

Sounds like simple tendinitis.

Buy some neoprene elbow sleeves. These will keep the elbows warm and it’s a small price to pay for healthy elbows.
Eat some fish oil.
Do some light sets of pulldowns at the start of the session to let your elbows warm up.
Do more reps on our warmup sets. bar x 10, 95x10, (115x5), 135x5 at least. 19 total reps isn’t enough.
Don’t do exercises that hurt. (For me that includes skull crushers and seated extensions.)

Just wanted to say that I tried your advice on today’s workout. Aside from my normal stretching, I tried foam rolling my triceps and then did the light set of pulldowns you suggested. I really think the pulldowns made a difference, even for my bench press. I did the pulldowns then went directly to my bench warm up and then work sets. I feel like the pulldowns helped keep my back tighter for the bench press and also diminished the elbow pain. The only time it really hurt was during cable flyes, (getting cable into start position). Also just wanted to share that I lowered the rep range from 3 sets of 10,8,6 for my main lifts and I love it. I have added 5 pounds to my main lifts every time ive gone to the gym. Feels great

Thanks again for the help, ill check out those neoprene sleeves you mentioned as well

Glad it helped but I meant pushdowns lol. But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Haha well I can try those too. I think I’m def gonna keep the light set of pulldowns for before I bench though.