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Pain in Calf (Lateral Gastrocnemius) When Squatting Deep


I’ve been having issues with my right calf and lower hamstring region. About a month ago, I injured it while squatting deep and my frequency was high (2 days a week) and I was increasing the weight by 5lbs on the second day to get numbers back up since I was recovering from an injury. I had some pain in the back of my leg, going from the upper calf to the lower part of my hamstring just above the knee. I cut back on my accessory volume, maintained the frequency and it got better.

Fast forward to the day before yesterday, I did a heavy singles after my main sets (5/3/1) and I went deep as I always do. I left the gym without any pain and I woke up on the next day with pretty bad pain in the same region. It’s better now, but it still hurts a bit if I do a bodyweight squat as well. Also feels better after foam rolling, which I do every day.

Any ideas as to what’s going on? My deload’s coming up next week but I’ve got some more squats and deadlifts before that.

I squat 2x a week, one is the main day and the second is light and for form. Sorry for the long text!