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Pain in body everywhere. 22 feel 80

Hi everyone. I’ve made 2 post about anadrol use and finasteride, one of the biggest problems I’m struggling with and have been the past 4 years is body pain everywhere. After playing pro soccer for 1 year I went on a downhill trend after anadrol. A year after taking it I had to get multiple surgeries, hip, groin ankle, and groin again and just been told I need another hip. Since taking it slow the past 3 years I’ve now developed shoulder pain in both shoulders where I can’t even sit and play my guitar without having to lift my arms straight up until my shoulders pop then I feel good for about 5 minutes to play. I don’t understand why my body is deteriorating at 22. I’ve seen my primary care and They said my regular blood work looks normal, I’m sick of this and can’t live like this. I don’t want double shoulder surgery when all I’m trying to do is play the fucking guitar

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