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Pain in Biceps, HELP

I went to the GYM today and was doing Bi’s and Tri’s. I started off with EZ Bar Curls and halfway through the first set I started getting a burn/ or pain that I could barely handle. This happened with everyset and three exercises. It honostly hurt, I had a huge pump but it didnt feel right. I also looked at my arms in the mirror and It look like my bicep on the outside was purple. Like a vein burst or something. It doesnt hurt right now but it was/is weird…Can anyone hhelp

damn! i’ve had bicep pain for over 2 months so i have not done any direct bicep movements. i can’t believe you felt pain but kept going. Did you ice it don after wards. has the color gone away. i would suggest some medical attention if it’s there and lay off biceps for a while. laters pk