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Pain in Bicep and Tricep from Pullups

I’ve been doing pullups for about 6 months. About a month ago they became problematic for me. After my first set of body weight pull ups(8 or so) I get aches in the distal region of my bicep and tricep just before the elbow of my left arm. I can usually grind out another set. After the second set my left arm gets weak and my grip strength decreases dramatically. So far it’s been gone the next day, but every time I do pullups the pain flares again.

I browsed the forums for similar posts and didn’t find anything the same as what I’ve been experiencing. I saw some slightly similar posts that concluded overuse injuries like tendonitis, but my problem isn’t in the elbow itself(tennis elbow).

I really enjoyed pullups until they started hurting me. I was seeing great results from them. I’d hate to have to quit doing them.