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Pain in Back of Neck

Yesterday in the gym, i was straining hard on a set of curls and when i finished i had this sharp pain in the back of my neck, and i got a bit of a headache… it didn’t feel like muscular pain… i have a dull pain there at the moment, any idea what it could be?

That happens to me sometimes when I’m straining my neck hard when lifting, I think they are muscles called suboccipitals or something along those lines. They are little muscles right below the base of your skull under that indent. Mine are always tight because my chin is probably not tucked in enough throughout the day. I know Cressey and Robertson have talked about this before.

I remember a little drill where you lay on the floor, stomach up, back of the head in contact with the floor also. And then you guide your chin down (tucking it to front neck/adam’s apple) with the fingers of one of your hands, whilst keeping the back of your head in contact with the floor the whole time (sort of sliding it). And then you hold the position while the chin is tucked for 5-10 secs, and repeat for 10 or so reps.

It could possibly be a knot. I get the sharp pain/headache as well, but only when taxing my traps really hard. I just feel for the knot and work it out.