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Pain in Back of Knee

I don’t know exactly when it happened but i think it was when i was doing sprints about four months ago.Anyway whenever I kneel back on my ankles to do streching excercises(my right knee only) it feels like I’ve got a golf ball back there I’m trying to squeeze.I don’t know how else to describe it.

I can still squat right to the bottom, good morning’s,etc no problem,no pain.I’m naturally flexible ie: able to place palms flat on floor knees straight no problem. My family doctor retired and my only alternitive is the walk-in clinic
and I’m reluctant.Maybe Art or Physio but for that I need a doctor’s recommedation to get OHIP(Canada’s insurance)to help pay.Any thoughts or advice would be greatly be apprecieated

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I took your advice and googled it and I think your right on the the money.My father has history of cartilage problems.Also when I go down stairs my knee sounds like wringing out a old piece of wet leather,it sounds like shit but it dosen’t hurt.

I guess it’s off to the doctor.Still ok to train though I hope.Thanks for taking the time to reply.BTW who do you like in the Pacquiao vs De La Hoya fight sat. Just curios
Cheers Mike

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I had similar symptoms several years ago and it turned out to be an effusion (“water on the knee”).

Props to BBB for the online diagnosis. That description sounds just like my mother’s Baker’s cyst. Btw, sometimes they can be readily dealt with via a simple one-off draining procedure… other times they return almost immediately. Either way, be a man - suck it up and walk into that skanky clinic :slight_smile:

IMO, Pacman will win tonight, barring a lucky shot from Oscar. Father Time always wins in the end.