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Pain in Back of Knee in Deep Flexion


As title suggests I get a weird posterior knee pain (more on the lateral side) whenever my knee goes into deep flexion (kneeling, pulling heel to butt, etc.). Full knee extension and stretching my hamstring do not create any pain.

I've recently had an MRI, which indicated no issues with cruciate ligaments, meniscus, or cysts, or anything really. Which leads me to conclusion it must be soft tissue related. Has anyone dealt with this? Or have some light to shed?

From my own reading around I've gathered it could be anything from my soleus, popliteus, ITB, FCL, TCL, etc. A bit lost here.


i have the same exact issue. been dealing with it for the past few months. went to a pt and said it might be a compressed nerve. getting an mri for peace of mind that nothing is torn. I dont know what caused it at all.