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Pain from Teres Area to Shoulder, Elbow, Finger



I've dealt with shoulder problems for the last 5 years. It first happened after 6 months of lifting, I think from muscle imbalances and poor bench form. Through learning I was able to fix this with self myofascial release and benching with proper form. Bench got strong, it crept back up.

Fast forward 4 years from when I first started, following Poliquin's structural balance I was able to fix this. I focused on military press and teres minor, and after 9 months my shoulder felt amazing! And I made a ton of progress because everything felt great in the gym. During this time I played a lot of racquetball.

I took a 4 to 5 months break, spent a lot of time @ a computer during the break, went back to the gym and right away having shoulder pain, which has been the last 2-3 months.

Current state:

at first shoulder/elbow hurt when overhead and palm twisted towards me. Now I can do this with no pain, load only causes pain. I can't speak for the bench, I haven't touched it in awhile, but during the military press, if I pick up a 95lb bar, pain starts anteriorly on shoulder and ends at the elbow.

Occasionally you can feel it creep around the teres area and ring finger. Only muscle group that may be weak is lower trap, and maybe upper traps ( haven't done direct trap work in 4 years. )

I did a lot of reverse flies and external rotations, but started doing ytwl, and my y's are the weakest, hence I say lower trap weakness.

I'm currently only doing squats, deads, lunges, and any kind of back movement you can think of. Minimal bicep and tricep work. I've never been a hard core bencher since I first got pain 4 years ago, but still would be nice to be able to.


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rolling with a pvc piped significantly helped. Although not completely gone, went from about a 6 to a 2 or 3, getting progressive as I go heavier, didn't want to push it. Any other input bushido?

Been doing heavy work on my forearm.... seems to only affect my forearm now.