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Pain from Cold Weather?

I had my acl replaced and meniscus repaired last november and it started seriously aching last thursday after a 2 mile run in 38 degree weather. Didn’t run this weekend but I could still kind of feel some discomfort. Did 3 miles this morning in 40 degree weather and it’s really aching. Is it the cold or could I have a meniscus problem?

It could just be the 2 mile and 3 mile runs. But it is common for a post-op body parts to have some discomfort and feel achy in the cold. Have you tried runs at that distance in warmer weather? How has your rehab been going/did it go? You are still only 1 year post-op, so some residual discomfort from the surgery during and after activity is to be expected.

Have you discussed this with your ortho?

Well I’m Army ROTC so I run quite a bit. This is the first time I’ve had pain like this. It just started so I haven’t talked to them yet.