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Pain from Chest Exercises

I have had a pain in the left area near where my shoulder and chest meet in the collar bone area. It doesnt hurt to the point where i have to stop doing an exercise but because of it i do not do any type of dip because with that exercise it really irritates me. It also irritates me when I do the follow exercises: Incline BB and pec dec fly. What might be my problem and how can i fix it?

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Vague but I’ll give it a shot. Could be the bicep tendon believe it or not. You’ll of course want a professional diagnosis, preferrably ART if you have access to it. I mean it could be your pec too; so much criss-crosses in that zone. For the moment avoiding things which aggrevate it is wise

I had the same problem. I just added more weight to the bar. It seemed to work.