Pain for 3 Days After First Injection

Guys I had my first DECA and SUST injection both 1ml. After some hours fuckin pain started and it went for 3 days now its OK. But I just wanted to know if the pain and feverlike will occur again or not after the second injection. And will I be able to inject on the same glute as it is no more pain now?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this is your first cycle…


Anything wrong?

I concur.

Lol. You’re fine. Most guys on here don’t just spoon feed info to newbs for good reason

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It happens and it sucks!! Think about it… You are injecting an oil into your body. Your body is going to freak out a little. Also, You are pinning into muscle that hasn’t had a shot since the chickenpox. It’s gonna swell up and be sore for a bit. Mine was really bad on my first cycle. I had insane swelling, soreness, and it was really warm to the touch. Now I pin with no problems. Hang in there, you’ll get it. Also, maybe look into different injection spots. I prefer the quads over anything. I have zero problems when I pin them.

Apparently it only takes doin the poke in a very small movement of location to get the different pain amounts its been a while for me but i was taking 1.5cc test e and 1cc decca together every 10 days sometimes it didnt hurt at all sometimes it hurt for days it just depended on the spot it coulda only been a fraction of an inch away from the last one that didnt hurt and that one hurt for days so like they said its gonna happen it sux but…

Yesterday I shot boldenone 1cc on my left glute. And I rubbed the area like hell and then gave a hot pad on it. Well no pain till now and had crazy pumps in the gym. But yeah due to the stupid ampule I cut off my thumb very badly.

2 weeks ago I had the same problem. 2x I pinned test e and it made me sick AF, couldn’t move me arms when I pinned delts, and legs when I pinned glutes. I even had selling in both. Well left glute is still swollen from Monday. But it’s going down. Rich piana swears when it sWells to put an ice pack on it. I tried and it helped. He says heat helps inflame muscles, which makes sense. Just be smooth and take your time. Warm your gear, hot shower to relax muscles before pining, be sterile, and inject slow.

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Interesting… I need to get my EQ from wherever you get yours… You don’t get crazy pumps in the gym after 1cc of EQ lol… Do some research… It usually takes a couple of weeks to kick in and has to be ran at a pretty high dose… You must be on some next level shit.


It is very hard to help when you do not explain in details and your grammar is all over the place…you injected 1ml each? or 1 ml total?

hes taking that hulk smash mix combo

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Next time heat the oil up before you draw it. Lol yeah you get some pip the first few times. If it forms a lump that gets hot after a week THEN you have a problem.

Make sure you aspirate, especially with 19-nors like Decca.

That depends on what kinda EQ you get. I’ve seen it from 100-600mg/ml. Strength comparable to testosterone. 600ew should have you feeling pretty good if it’s your first cycle. Takes atleast 5-6 weeks to kick though

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I’m not doubting the lack of effect of the EQ. I love that stuff… But the time is what threw me off. That shit doesn’t take effect immediately like Popeye eating spinach lol. I agree with the dosage you stated. I run 400mg/ml per week and it’s great. Usually takes a month or so for me to feel any effects.

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Sounds like Ice Ibuproffin and balls should help… On a side note if any of you guys ever think about trying Testoprim-D dont…That shit burns like herpes smotherd in Kayan pepper

It’s call PIP, google it. If it’s not ridiculously swollen and hot to the touch, toughen up.

hell yeah decca hurts. been using 600 a week for 8 weeks to cure this joint pain and it did better than than expected. only problem i got is that fucken guy who comes in the night and smashes my fucken legs with 2x4 after i inject.

Every few weeks, we have these posts pop up. It’s funny to watch the fireworks from everyone. Good laughs here… shit, I finally grew some balls on Wednesday and hit my ventrogluteal on my left side with 3cc of test, deca, mast and was good… Did heavy squats and deadlifts at the gym. Felt great for about 12 hrs… haha, I woke up thursday and my hip extensor was tight AF… like I didn’t wanna massage it. But I have come to love that shit…

Bro can i still workout even if there is pain on my delts?