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Pain/Fatigue After 2 Weeks of Test/HCG

Hey guys I need some advice on how to weather this initial period. I’m 34 and test reading before start of treatment was 459 with free test at 19 and estradiol at 22. Around the age of 30 I started feeling tired and had hard times sleeping after sleeping great my entire life. I also started becoming sensitive and anxious for no reason. This prompted me to start seeking help. I tried to avoid Trt so I’ve been experimenting with OTC supplements for the last 2 years which gave some relief and confirmed my theory that I needed Trt.

So I went to antiaging center which tested and place me on 100ui 200cc test cyp every week and 500ui hcg twice weekly. May have wrote the dosage wrong but too lazy to run downstairs and check. Also prescribed .5 arimadex 3x week. I started the treatment and after the first shot in the butt it got really sore where it was hard to sit . I also felt a bit tired with my body feeling tight and weak. I also had 3 straight restless nights. But the crazy thing is I feel great mentally and emotionally with almost no anxiety.

So after the first shot of test I skipped ai and did hcg shots as scheduled which I felt no reaction from. I took my second shot of test one weeks after the first in the other cheek this time warming the syringe and massaging the area after but 2 days later same pain and feeling. I also experience restless nights - tossing in bed all night but mentally it’s the same thing- I feel good. I want to know if anyone experienced anything like this before. I never used anything prior except OTC supps. Is this normal and should i just battle through which i think wont be a problem or am I causing damage and need to change something? Please advise about you first time experience with trt.

Also have uncontrollable erections throughout the night. I yhink this contributes to restless nights. Not sure if its a piss hard or trt. Probably a bit of both. Sex is same as before though. I’m one and done about 3 x a week.

Carefully read the stickies:
advice for new guys
protocol for injections

Your dosing seems bogus. Doses for T are mg not “iu”, make sure that you know what you are doing and saying.

Injecting into your butt is insane. You do not need to inject into muscle and cause decades of muscle damage.

Inject 50mg T twice a week with a #29 0.5mg ["50iu] insulin syringe, SC [under the skin] on top of your legs.
Take 0.5mg Arimidex/anastrozole at the same time.
Inject 250iu hCG SC at the same time, with same size syringe. [not combined with T!]

Get labs after one month:

Report body temperatures and iodine intake.