Pain During Scapula Retraction

Anytime I pull my scapula together I get a bad pain in between my shoulder blades and it feels like something just isn’t moving right. If I do any push ups, bench pressing, rows, anything where I retract my scapula at all, I can feel that pain in between my shoulder blades and then its sore for 2-3 days after… Went to PT for a month and they dont know what it is. Please anyone help!!!

hey @danimal6054 i feel your pain (literally). Have you gotten any clues or relief? I’m in the same boat. its like stabbing burning pain between top of shoulder blade and spine when retract scaps. I tried rolling rhomboids, traps, scalenes, RC muscles…all to no avail. Thinking might be cervical, i tried cervical traction which made my neck feel great, but didnt help rhomboid pain.

Saw a chiro and he said ‘intercostal thoracic junction may be out of alignment’ or rib out of place and pressing on nerve. he did some manip and felt little better but few hours later pain still there. its not constant, only when retract or hold something in front at eye level (like when doing snatches, etc). Im pretty good with mobility and i do a lot for shoulder health. Other than some bad laptop on bed posture and doing some work on rings/muscle ups, I can’t figure this out. Really frustrating.

@balancef hey sorry for such late response, havent been on here in a while because I have been trying to figure this damn problem out…So I got a cervical MRI, Thoracic MRI, and right shoulder MRI and only thing that showed up was a minor slap tear and some tendinitis. So I am taking matters into my own hands and been trying different things, so far my new regimen that I started 2 weeks ago is making my shoulder/upper back pain feel 10x better already…Im hoping if i keep this up that it will eventually be healed and I can workout again…Here is what I have been doing, I’ve been working out my core/erector spinae/glutes like crazy and focusing on my posture a lot… I also am on a computer a lot and drive a shit ton so I am being more aware of my posture now. I’ve been doing Y’s and Supermans on a exercise ball everyday but the PT’s were having me do this before and didn’t help dramatically but the 2 biggest exercises that are helping me is Back Extentions on the Machine and on the little back extention gadget (don’t even know what that thing is called). I’ve also been working my seratus anteriors everyday too because I’ve noticed my right one is pretty weak…oh one last thing too is every 2-3 hours I shrug my shoulders up as high as possible and hold for a few seconds and do about 10 reps…the first few reps I can always feel/hear my traps crunching because they’re so tight, this helps a lot…I hope some of this will help you if you have same issues that I have going on…GOOD LUCK and let me know how things are going…

I am in the same exact situation , and I was wondering if you have made any progress the last two years?