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Pain During Pull-ups/Chins

Whenever I do these, or hang during pull-ups/chins between reps, I get a debilitating pain deep in my lower hip… Sometimes it happens when I get down after hanging. It’s hard for me to bend to either side when this happens. I’m not sure what other information to give; but if anyone is familiar with this sort of problem, or thinks they might be, ask ahead and I’ll answer to the best of my ability! Anything to get an idea of what this might be caused by :).

Do you get this when you do seated pulldowns with any appreciable weight?

Nope, it seems to be purely related to my hips.

It might be related to the decompression of the spine- if an inversion table hurts it’s almost certainly that.

That seems logical, but then, why do I only feel pain on the left side (forgot to mention this)?

I got some of this after returning to lifting following a herniated disk. Always the right hip.

You might consider getting adjusted by a chiropractor. You may be twanging a nerve during decompression.