Pain During Exercises

When I pick up a bar with weights…say i’m going to curl or set up a deadlift, i often feel a short, sharp pain in one tiny area on the left side of my back up near my shoulder. It’s only there for a second, and it’s nothing too bad…I just don’t really know what it is, and I was kind of curious.

Also, when I bench press, the back part of my right shoulder occasionally hurts…this pain is a little bit worse than the aforementioned pain, and it lasts longer. It’s not really sharp…more like I’m using my shoulder…but I’m under the impression that that’s probably not desirable.

Yeah, pain, as opposed to a sensation of effort or exertion, is not a good sign. It’s sort of like an early warning system for potential injury.

Maybe more of a warmup or something?

Well, I know the first one is not right, although I’m not too worried about it because it doesn’t hurt that bad.
The second one isn’t a bad pain, it’s an “exertion” pain, but the problem is that it’s only one side and I thought shoulders weren’t supposed to be used a lot if any in bench press.

I’ve had the problem with the right shoulder while benching too. I narrowed it down to the position i take while sleeping. Always sleeping on my side was responsible for it. I dunno if that might be a problem with u as well

I have added to my warm up some easy seated rows, face pulls, scap work, rotator work and it has done me wonders. I do these before all of my workouts like prehab. I think it just gets some of the stabilizers ready to go and firing.