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Pain During Ankle Mobility Wall Drill

I had right ankle sprain over a year ago. Now I have poor mobility in my right ankle. I started to do some mobility work for my ankles. I don’t have any problems with my left ankle but I still exercise it. There is a problem with my right ankle. When I’m doing wall ankle mobility exercise I feel pain in place marked at the picture. Can somebody tell me what to do? Because I know I must do mobility work for this ankle but I feel the pain

Try doing ankle mobility but with band distraction (using a light or average band).

You likely get pain because of your history of ankle sprains, which pushes the fibula a bit more anterior.


I was having pain in the same area about 2 years ago. I had an X-ray, and it showed some “anterior ankle spurs”. The only treatment for this is surgery. I had the surgery, which is a pretty straight foward procedure with a high success rate, and I was back riding my bike after 3 weeks, and playing football in 5.

Good luck buddy.

Uncle Bird.


Like PBandy said do mobility work but with a band. But make sure you do it with the band putting pressure on the front of your ankle. You basically want to make sure the band is on that big bump on the inside of your ankle. It’s called the mulligan technique. Just google mulligan technique with band and you should find it. Also make sure you drive your knee over the middle of your foot or even out to the small toe but definitely don’t drive it in toward the big toe.

Oh, you can also do the mulligan technique with a lifting strap as well.
Hope that helps.