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Pain Doing Dips

When I do dips, the palm of my hands hurt from the pressure on them. Anyone else have this problem? What do you do for it?

  • Larry

The front of my shoulders hurt when I do them. No matter how much I warm up. I just stop doing them and do decline dumbbell presses and decline bench presses to compensate.

If you haven’t been doing them long, then your hands will get used to it. Also, how thick are the parallels?

I’d say they are about 1" thick. The padding is probably worn down on them. My gym supplies towels, so next time I may try wrapping a hand towel around each post.

Interesting, I tend to get the same type of pain…kinda feels like my hands gonna break in half. Wearing gloves tends to ease the pressure for me. But, it is a bit of a pain to put on gloves just for doing dips.

Had the same problem years back when I got my ulnar nerve cut. Any pressure on the “pinky” side of the palm was extremely painful. I solved the problem by using a pair of wellpadded neoprene lifting gloves for all pressing movements. For dips I added a folded towel aswell, just be careful so you don’t slip.