Pain & Cracking While Squatting

hey guys ive found out that when i try to go parallel or under (i tried to squat close feet and feet far apart) that i get a sudden pain in my glutes and i didnt know what it was. Neway i went to the gym and today was squats so i did 60 kilos which is really light ino and the gym was quiet so i went all the way down and i heard 2 cracks, i dunno what cracked but as soon as it cracked i got that pain in my glutes when pushing back up.

It wasnt a rush to the hospital pain, but enough to not make me go much heavier, so i did my 5x5 with a max of 70KILOS!!! just wondering what your opinions on what i should do about it are coz the whole way down with 70 kilos is easy as but as soon as it cracks and i get that pain its damn hard??

Is that your picture in your avatar? If so, no doubt you probably took too many steroids, and your muscles grew faster than your bones/tendons, or faster than they could handle, and you broke or snapped something.

Otherwise, my knees and joints always crack, but it’s not painful…Maybe some glucosamine with chondroitin or whatever.

lol nah thats not me in the pic, i stretch heaps i can do the splits to about 5 cms off the ground both front and side (so it cant be flexibility can it)and i take glucosamine 2 capsules in the morning.

I would just watch it for a few days.

Things pop and crack on me all the time, granted normally I’m forcing them to.

having something pop in your back/glutes when it’s not expected it weird though.

You might have just been spooked and your mind led the body to not go very far.

Your mind is more powerful in pushing big weight than most people understand. You have to be in the right mindset.

Finally, I’m fairly sure that’s Shawn Ray’s back…it’s kinda insane for most normal people to have. Pictures of members in their avatars are usually of lower quality.

Take more glucosamine, and take it with MSM and/or chondroitin. Also up your fish oils.

Also, do some research on cissus…

[quote]SpunkayMunkay wrote:
lol nah thats not me in the pic, i stretch heaps i can do the splits to about 5 cms off the ground both front and side (so it cant be flexibility can it)and i take glucosamine 2 capsules in the morning.[/quote]

When you do side splits, do you feel pressure on your knees? I do - maybe find another way to stretch for awhile, and avoid pressuring your knees unnecessarily. Try to be aware if you’re torquing them in other exercises/stretches too.

It could be flexibility. You can do the splits and still be tight in some areas.

But if you feel pain, I’d stop squatting.

Reset yourself, relearn the movement, don’t go as low…

Pain is a symptom that something is wrong. Push through it and eventually you’ll be injured.

my knees used to hurt when doing the side splits but they dont any more they hurt like 5 months ago thats about it also i noticed when i was lifting the weight up my right knee kinda went inwards a bit?? damn weird knees!!

I took a squatting seminar with Chek once that went over some of these issues. Try to see how your knee tracks over your toes when doing single leg squats. What it sounds like the most right now is a problem with your glute medius not firing properly. Your glute medius rotates your femur from the hip joint and if it isn’t doing its job your knees will be in a mechanically compromised position.
Chek’s suggestion would be to move your stance out wider (sumo) and insure that your feet are at the correct amount of turn out (middle toe lines up with patella). Another option would be to check out the excellent “Get your Butt in Gear” series on this site by Robertson and Cressey.
It may be as simple as doing some mini-band walks before your squats to wake up the muscle or streching the hip flexors in between sets.
I hope this helps point you in the right direction, but I’ll admit that this is just my angle on your problem and I could be off.

ill see if my chiropractor can figure it out have to wait till friday to see him… damn also noticed when squatting withought weight my left knee side of it has a sort of clicking its like the back of knee with those 2 skinny kinda things lol if u get wat im sayin