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Pain Close to the Groin (?) on One Leg


I've had this pain for at least two years if I remember correctly, but since it's not been a daily struggle I haven't thought much about it. The pain comes if I lay down on my back and pull my left leg up towards my chest. I can do the same thing with my right leg, all the way up to my chest with no pain. On the left leg I can only get little over half way until it won't budge/gotta stop because of the pain. The pain is located approximately where I think the groin musculature connects, but if doesn't feel like a muscular pain, feels more "bony" as if something isn't supposed to move there.

Anyway, this pain is prohibiting me from going low enough on squats and it's bothering me. Thought I'd make a post here to get some pointers on what it could be before spending money on anyone else.


Update: When lying on the floor, trying to squeeze my left knee to my chest, if I tilt it slightly to the left I am able to get it much closer, almost as something is blocking it's natural path.

Sorry for the dumb explanations and questions.


This sounds like you have impingement syndrome. I'd suggest seeing an orthopedist.


Cheers mate, got it checked out today, he wasn't exactly sure what it was, might be some previous damage that didn't heal properly. Getting referred to an MRI.