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Pain Between Shoulder Blades


Can anyone out there help me Im experiencing pain between my shoulder blades after back days. Does anyone have any ideas that might help.Lower back is fine. I am already using foam roller. Any ideas


Any other details to share? “Pain between shoulder blades after back days” is pretty vague.


Its along my spine aboout 3-4 inches above the bottom of my shoulder blades. It also hurts when I twist my left side to the right. Feels like a vertibre is severly out my place. I dont have this problem every back day,but when i do it last 2-3 days before it gets better. I think it comes from pull ups . I used no bent overs only rows in power rack today. Hope this info helps.


To clariffy even further almost feels like rib is causing pain. Forgot to mention did pullovers today. had touble with this exercise in past.


Still could be a ton of different things. But based off of what you said it feels like, it may just be a thoracic vert or rib that has subluxed out of place. I’d go see a qualified chiro or osteopath who is familiar with manipulations to evaluate and treat you.


Did you do bench anytime recently? I had a similar pain, and it’s from pushing my head into the bench when I do my presses.


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