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Pain Beneath Kneecap



for the last 4-5 Weeks i’m dealing with a sharp pain on my left knee when kneeling down.I got no problems squatting ATG or anyother activity.But kneeling is hell.The kneecap isn’t swollen nor do i had any injury to it.

I spend quite some time strechting realigning my hips, etx while kneeling so this might aggrivate it.Though since its that bad i try to avoid these activities.I’m wearing knee pad/bracers for my leg training and in general when working out.This helps if i need to kneel.

The pain is not on the kneecap but just right under it.So it might be hoffa’s pad impignment.I have an appoinment with my doctor this week.I hope x-ray or ultrasound will help.

Is there anything except avoiding kneeling it can do?Feels like something is inflamed not torn.