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Pain Behind Knee

Hi guys!

When I sprint or do my HIIT running, I’ve started getting (had it this winter though it was the treadmills fault) this pain behind the knee that goes down to my calf but only the next day,its more then a DOMS soreness it really hurts!

Now, its probably cause my hammies are lacking something or something is lagging behid but I have not idea what and I was wondering if I should just up my hammies exercises like more.

Last time I had this, it took a few weeks to leave and doing hamstring exercises were brutal (glute ham raise, one legged leg curls)but did them and it helped.

I’m also worried that I will eventuel tear something if I don’t know whats going on.

I did track training all summer in o6 and never had any problems, like I said this started from doing HIIT on the treadmill, I stopped using the tread cause of that, have been back outside since April and this soreness is from yesterdays HITT on the nice cushionny rubber track they have at the high school.


Posterior knee pain can be a sign that there is some damage inside your knee. Like meniscus damage. Get your knee assessed by someone who knows what they’re doing before you push it again.

I speak from experience.

…and stop doing useless hamstring exercises that only serve to tear up your joints.


Try foam rolling. If trigger points are the problem you will know right away. And you can fix it y ourself