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Pain Barrier?


Sometimes I hit the gym after a long days work, when I didn't sleep well the past few nights. These seem to be the toughest workouts, and I find it a lot easier to "puss out" on my sets. To prevent this I get pissed off in my mind and take it out on the weights, especially the last few reps. Heavy Metal helps.

Now when I get pissed its just in my head with 34.869% in the eyes. I might just pace around a bit but I don't scream and curse at barbells (although I'm not opposed it)

BTW any metal bands besides Pantera, Metallica and Rammstein, you like that for lifting. Children Bodom is starting to get old.


Strapping Young Lad
Dir Ein Grey
Pig Destroyer
Dillinger Escape Plan

Try some of those. You'll either hit new PRs or bleed from your ears. Possibly both.


How about: groups to listen too @ weight training:

soil (awesome!)

stone sour







rage against the machine

to name a few


i used to do the angry music thing, might try it again but i'm not really an angry young man anymore. I used to injure myself occasionally with sloppy form when in that mode.

rage against the machine - that part in Killing In the Name of, you know: "fuck you i wont do what you tell me" again and again, more and more anger each line - I suppose that can work under some squats, good tempo for it too!

Getting angry just thinking about it. GRRRRrr! erm... there all better now..


I originally tried to call the thread "what gets you past the pain barrier" Music just holds a small role like a sound track to a movie, but the rest is all a mental game where I'm trying to focus all my intensity on getting those last few reps.

Sometimes I say a chant over and over in my head, or I visualize throwing the weight up so fast it goes threw the roof. It doesn't matter how stupid it is as long as it works. Its what I gotta to keep making progress.

PS thanks for those recommendations on the bands fellas. Entombed been around for a while. I got one of their CD's years and years ago, but its been a while since I listened to them. I'll have to try them out in the weight room.


Lamb Of God.


gotta throw in some tool, too


Ha ha. Back in the day, my training partner and I would slap one another in the face b4 a heavy set.

Ah, the good ole days...





Drowning Pool

Papa Roach



Lamb of God









Now thats awesome. I've been slapped in the face but never before a set.

My other gym members already give me some weird vibes from for lifting hard and heavy. Can you imagine what they'd think if I did this lol?.... Ohh my old hardcore gym, how I miss it.


Cannibal Corpse
Fear Factory
Killswitch Engage
Stone Sour
Devil Driver

God I have to get an mp3 player. Today it was kenny chesney playing on the radio.

Hagar. I just bought some ammonia. I have a feeling that when I try it, I'll get that same look from people.




hey hagar,
Just put on a post about the brain and failure. You might like it when it pops up.



I suppose there are degrees to this. Sounds like you are banging your head against a brick wall during these workouts and you are looking for a soundtrack to continue banging your head against the wall. Change your program so you can complete it in a reasonable fashion without having to kill yourself.


Sometime AC/DC
Sometimes Andrew W.K.
Black Sabbath (find their cover of blue swede shoes)
Death From Above
Guns N Roses
Sometimes Judas Priest
Led Zeppelin
Minor Threat (don't tell me straight edge and bodybuilding diets don't make sense together)
Nine Inch Nails
Powerman 5000 (If you like Ramstein you'll love the Album Tonight the Stars Revolt)
Queens of the Stone Age
Rage Against the Machine (Best music to work out to ever. end of discussion)

Try finding some GOOD rap and GOOD techno music. Most good techno music isn't called techno and most good rap affiliates itself with old school and/or underground hip/hop. I don't know the difference between rap and hip /hop. I just know there's a change in quality.


No you miss understood me. I don't bang my head against walls, and there's nothing wrong with my lifting program (I have no f...ing clue how you drew that conclusion). The problem is training when tiered and running on little sleep. How do you still keep up your intensity in the gym without having a half assed work out.

Now I know why most politicians speak to the people like first graders.


What gets me past the pain barrier? I would say the fact that I think about it all day long. When I am going to do heavy squats today I will play it over and over in my mind a successful lift. This prepares me for what is to come during training.

I also like to look around at the pathetic souls in the gym that are there to "work out" and watch their faces after I complete a real hard set, one in which these wussies would never even think to attempt. This is another motivator for me.

I also know that the pain barrier is where you make your money. So knowing this as I approach the difficult part of the set also keeps me going.

One last thing that keeps me going is the fact that I do not want to let myself down. I do not like to go to the gym to fail. This is not an option for me. I do have the days that I leave disappointed because I didn't meet my goal for the day, but I come back the next time with a vengance!

Oh yeah some really loud Metallica doesn't hurt either.


Well I've been threw most of the bands listed. After 13 years of training with a walk man a CD player, then finally an Ipod, I've gone threw A LOT of music, but I checked out a few listed above. Some I've heard before liked them but forgot their names, like Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad (I hitt'n the gym with these guys tomorrow, very nice, I like ), and Kill Switch Engage (good band name). I go threw techno/ drum and bass phases too. Got a few gigs worth on my Ipod-Armin van Buuren.

Thanks for the suggestions fellas. Now I got enough new tunes to last me for a while. Yes!! I see new PRs on the horizon:D

Funny but I seems the times I love listening to music the most is when I'm on the freeway or in the gym. It used to not always be that way.


I always find I pull out the best workouts when I am tired and have to force myself to workout. I may feel like shit before I start, but once I get into it its an awesome workout.


I guess everyone is different. If I was so tired that I had to have a certain type music playing just to not puss out in the workout, it would tell me that maybe it is too hard, that either I had to get more sleep, or if that wasnt an option, I would alter my workout so it wasnt so taxing but try to keep the nuts and bolts. The reason why I mention that is you what you described sounds alot like a time when I was working and in school and my workouts were really really hard, because I was really really tired. Gee dipshit, you can be a tough guy and just put on some heavy metal or you can change your program to do a workout that you can actually complete. I understand if you think differently but dont act like its a ridiculous suggestion.