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Pain, Bad Pain...

aight im at a loss for this one.today i woke up and the middle of my right shoulder blade feels like someones driving a nail through it when i do one of the following:turn my neck more then 20+degrees in any direction,and of course when i move my right arm,hell it took 5 mins to get off the couch,i had to “roll” off and pull myself up.any help is,as usual,greatly appreciated,and i havent changed my lifts,ive just been going heavier

You probably just pinched a nerve and or pulled a muscle. You can try cryotherapy and then go get a deep tissue massage. If that still doesn’t help, than I would go to an Active Release Therapist.

lets add that im 16 and need laymans terms for anything medical,so if you dont mind translating the cyto-thing…

Cryotherapy is like a cold massage using cryo-cups or something else that is freezing cold, massaging the affected area to reduce pain and inflamation.
Deep tissue is a regular massage-Happy ending optional.
ART is active release technique. It reduces or relieves adhesions, increases range of motion and can be used to lengthen overly shortened muscles.
All very good stuff you should become familiar with if you plan on lifting for any amount of time.
Theres a buttload of stuff about all of them in the archives.

thank you

Stop sleeping on the couch.

Sounds like a pinched nerve and you just slept on it wrong.

Two of the more useful tools I’ve found in the weight game is Ibuprofen(sp?) and muscle rub. Once you start putting up some serious wieght, you realize that there are things out there that make life a little easier. Of course you’re young so I would stay away from “helpers” like that for a long, long time.

As for your situation the Cryotherapy sounds like a really good idea.

my mom made me put on some muscle rub earlier and jus made me take some ibprofuen(sp),ok i have a question

a guy i know had a pinched nerve in his neck and he couldnt move his body for about 3 days,did he jus pinch the wrong one or is mine less severe?