Pain Around Temple Area

I had two instances last week where I felt like I busted something. It was around the temple area on the left side.

I got to the gym and wanted to warm up by doing 5 minutes of jump rope. A minute into it, i got a sharp pain around my temple area and had to stop jumping, I proceeded to go to the treadmill and warm up there. It took me a few minutes to get back into it.

Saturday, I was performing a dead lift when it happened again, but this time I felt like something busted. Its kind of weird to described. It messed my whole workout and It was really hard to not think of the pain.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Now Today, it i go into the gym and the same thing got warmed up did a first set of lat pull down 85x12, when I went to do the second one, the pain again.

Im no expert, but it might have to do something with a blood vessell, a doctor clarify?

I am looking into it, reading and researching. I think I just have to try some anti-inflammatory medicine before working out today to see if that helps, otherwise I may just need to get to the doctors. :frowning:
I thought I may get more responces here since men tend to lift heavy and I wondered if this is something other have experienced.