Pain and Underlifting

Of course, I know that pain comes naturally the next morning after lifting. But, I have a pain in my wrist that kept me from curling my full. Also, i noticed that one day I can get a really good lift and the next time i lift, i git like 20 lbs. below wut i did originally. Please help me and tell me y. This puzzled me when my leg press dropped from 360 to 340

Overtraining is most likely…
but what id suggest is you post your routine on the boards so we could help you.

Also, your wrist may need to get stronger…id suggest some rep exercises to build that up. Thats how i got my wrists in working order.

I thought your leg press jumped from 220 to 360 in your last thread.
Kid, You have to get a decent beginner program and stick to it to the letter. While you are at it- read everything you can find on strength training and nutrition. This should take several years.
Until then there is nothing anybody can do for you. Plenty of people are willing to help, but you have to meet them half way by learning and doing the fundamentals.

well i’ve been working out since my last post and my leg press is 400, my deadlift is 340 and my bench press is 135