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Pain and Swelling at Injection Site

Hopefully it’s OK I posted in 2 forums.

TRT 75mg every 3.5 days

I’ve pinned 5 times.

  1. Right quad. Zero issues
  2. Left quad. Got red and hot the day after and stayed that way a couple of days. I went for antibiotics to be on the safe side. 5-6 days the redness was gone but was still tender (today it is 100%)
  3. Right ass cheek. Zero issues (was a little sketched after the left quad so thought I would switch)
  4. Left ass cheek. No redness that I can tell but sore af still (injection was 7 days ago) and is swollen (much like the left quad)
  5. Left delt. (3 days ago) No redness but is slightly warm to the touch and sore.

WTF is going on? My first thought was bunk gear but 2 sites were absolutely perfect.

I use a drawing needle and a 25g 1" pin for the injection. It does not hurt during or immediately after, just the following days

I might go to the doctor in the morning before doing my Monday injection. It’s slightly concerning.

It sounds like you got infection, did you use an alcohol wipe before injecting?

Every time

It just seems so unlikely that 3 of 5 would be infected. I have a clean house, I clean everything off with alcohol, use new syringes and pins every time

Sex hormones play a key role in the increase and decrease of inflammation. When out of balance inflammation increases which probably contributed to the infection. When I first started TRT 3 weeks ago, I got a nasty cough and a lot chest congestion initially which subsided after each subsequent injection.

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So what would your suggestion be? Antibiotics and just ride on?

Stay away from yout left side, at least for now. It falls under the “If it hurts don’t do that” umbrella. Who knows. I have a skin allergy to the adhesive in a particular brand of bandaid - but only below the waist. Your body is individual and weird, sometimes you just have to work with it.

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That’s actually hilarious. It’s at least worth a shot (no pun intended). So you wouldn’t be concerned about the pain and slight swelling?

Not if it’s only on one side but everything else is the same.

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