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Pain and Recovery

I am confused about pain and recovery. Lets say I start a new routine and my quads are sore, for instance, for 5 days afterwards. This would indicate to me that my body needed 5 days to repair the damage inflicted in the workout.

However, usually as the workouts progress over time, the length of time that one is sore decreases. My question is this: does this mean that I should only train my quads in this manner with at least 5 days rest or does it mean I can train more frequently as the soreness has become more minimal? If it is the latter, how does this happen? Does the body actually repair the tissue more quickly the 2nd, 3rd time around? How can this be? I can’t believe my body’s physiology changed in a couple of weeks? Thanks for any input. Confused.

Soreness isn’t a very good indicator of how much rest you need. If you do a shitload of squats, you might be sore for 2 or 3 days afterwards, even though your CNS will take longer to recover.

I’d just wait 5 or more days before working a muscle again.