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Pain and Lactic Acid Build Up in Shins when Running?


been running for about 3 weeks, always had shin pain when running, but i can sorta tackle it by making sure to land on the ball of my foot when running, but today i had really bad lactic acid buildup in my shins/calfs and couldn't even run.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but some months back i had some kind of injury or whatever in my forearms which made it hurt when i do some curling motion, that requires the wrist to remain straight holding up weight.

At that time, when i hit a certain point( some where on my bone in the forearm) i felt a pain, and it was only on that spot.

I can do the same thing with my shins now, if i hit a certain spot i can feel pain even when not hitting hard.

So what do you think it is? i am pretty sure the pain and lactic acid buildup is related to each other, might it be that my calfs are to tight? some guy said that, that might be it.


Put a small bottle of water in the freezer and use that like a foam roller.

You have been running for three weeks, so you should be about 5 and 1's, meaning, running 5 minutes and walking 5.

Usually means you are landing on your toes ( yeah, I'm know what you said) or you are doing to much to fast.

But, a running forum might be better suited for you.


You have shin splints. And the pain in your forearms you get when curling is the exact same thing, only in your forearms. For your curls, switch to dumbbells. This will stop you from being caught in a strict range of motion and allow for your hands to be at whatever position is comfortable biomechanically.

The shin splints occurred because I'm going to assume you didn't progress properly into your running. Don't worry about it, everyone does it. Get a little overzealous and do too much too fast. Not to mention, the manner in which you run, I'm sure isn't helping. Try to limit stomping when running. Also, do NOT change the natural motor pattern of "heel toe." That's how you're supposed to run. Compensation WILL lead to knee issues.

For now, stick to walking and GRADUALLY increase your duration, and THEN your speed.
Week 1- Walk 15min/day 3x/week
Week 2- Walk 20min/day 3x/week
Week 3- Walk 25min/day 3x/week
Week 4- Power walk 15min/day 3x/week
Week 5- Power walk 20min/day 3x/week
Week 6- Power walk 25min/day 3x/week
Week 7- Power walk 25min & Jog 5min/day 3x/week
Week 8- Power walk 25min & Jog 10min/day 3x/week
Week 9- Power walk 25min & Jog 15min/day 3x/week

That's how you can SAFELY Progress things so you're shin splints heal and you keep progressing.

Hope This Helps.


I can't really understand how you can only get lactic acid buildup in your calfs. When I ran in high school, the only time I would feel the lactic acid buildup would be when running 400 meter repeats and sprints on the track, never when just doing long runs. Also, my entire leg would be filled with lactic acid, not just one area.

I have had shin splints before, and that was from increasing my mileage too much too soon. I took three weeks off and was fine after that. I have also had achilles tendonitis, and whenever I take more than a week off from running, the first couple runs back, both my lower calfs/achilles will have a wierd feeling, its not lactic acid, and its not swollen like an injury, but the muscles feel tight and irritated. But that feeling always will go away after the first couple runs. Maybe you are having the same kind of problem.

If you havn't been foam rolling, you need to, no matter what. Also, get a lacrosse ball and roll that on your calfs. Another issue might be your shoes. I would suggest going to a running shoe store. A person at a specialty running store should be able to look at your feet and see if you pronate too much, and what kind of support your feet might need. That could also help your situation.

Rest is always a good idea, but if you just take a couple days off, it's not gonna be enough, at least a week off at the least.

Hope this info is of some help to you, good luck.


Thank you very much!