Pain After Test Depo Shot

Hey I’ve started my first cycle, 250mg test depo every 5 days as I am young, wednesday (three days ago) and it hurts so bad! Didn’t hurt after injecting it, but when I went to train and was doing a workout (I went to the gym an hour after the shot which might of been a problem), I was training and then I felt pain in my glute where I did the injection, now I can barely walk in the morning and unless I warmup by walking and even then It hurts. In the morning it hurts a lot more. Help please?

What does this have to do with anything related to injection amount? If you’re young … don’t do test.

Fresh injections for newbs can hurt. I’m assuming since you said depot it’s pharmacy cyp. It shouldn’t have tha much pip honestly.

First few injections hurt. You’ll get used to it.

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Guessing that’s 1mL, sitting nicely in a little pocket you’ve forced into the muscle. Some pain is to be expected at first. Should get better

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Yeah I am new to it, it feels like I have the oil inside me and it’s hard when I get up and it gets easier when I continue walking, will it go away if I ice it?

I use heat to increase blood flow to help dedicate the lump. We all get these lumps now and again. However now I’m using prescription grade Test and no issues. Non prescription test, lumps! Keep things clean! I also use UV-C light to disinfect reused 10ml bottles if any bacteria should get in.

Good Luck!