Pain After Injection

Hey guys, i know you’ve had tons of Q&A on this subject but I just need some comfort and advise. I just started my cycle on tuesday stacking 1ml testorone and 1ml of mesterdon and it is painful. Both vials were sealed and siringes in plastic.

My first injection was in my right quad and the next day i was limping around in some serious pain, could not lift my leg. It got a lot better and almost went away in a matter of a couple of days. On friday I injected into my left glute but during the injection i flexed. Today is sunday and my left butt cheek is swollen, hot, red and there is a dime size bruise on the site. I am just worried, could it be an infection or just damage from flexing? Is it normal to be in pain to where i cant workout after stacking these two? HOw long do i have to do somethin about the infection with minimal damage? My buddy has same gear administered in same way and no problems for him other than normal pain.

Red hot and swollen tend to indicate either an infection or a shallow injection.
The information you provided was limited so I will guess and hope you reply.
I hate quad injections. Just me but those are most painful, especially the next day. I haven’t pinned the quads since 2008 and never will again. Virgin muscle will be sore [you didnt say this is your first ever cycle but thats my assumption]. So the sore quad is probably “normal” for you and you maybe learned a reason I dropped quads. You also didnt mention the quad be red and swollen.

Now as for your ass. You also didnt mention the length of your needles. Im going to guess 1" here. Thats fine for quads as they tend to be leaner. However glutes carry more fat tissue and if you wiggled or didnt bury the needle all the way its very likely you injected the oil not intramuscularly. The flexing you mentioned probably didnt help much.

I’d like to know what the concentrations and esters are of your test and mast. Im going to guess and assume you have Test Enanthate or Cypionate and Mast Enanthate given your injection frequency. E3D is fine with enanthates and if I were you I’d do one VG one day and the other 3 days later and just repeat. That gives you 6 days between sites which is enough IMO. Also since you’re trying to put 2mls at a time you have fewer site choices especially if quads hurt and glutes are problematic. Ideally you’d have 1.5" needles. I know all my non-slin pins are 1.5" its just better to bury it deeper. I use 1.5" even for delts and bury the needle. Also 2mls might be pushing it for delts depending on your concentrations and what not.

Try to answer the questions above and you’ll get even more tailor made answers