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Pain After Injecting

Hi All,

Im a 27 y/o guy from England. Started my first cycle on Wednesday. 600mg Test E for 10 weeks.

I did my first injection on Wednesday into my right glute, it went fine, a little bit shakey, and possibly a little too quick but no real pain whilst / immediately after injecting. However when I woke up the next day I have had a very sore lower back / upper glute (about 3 or 4 inches higher then where I actually injected) It’s a bit swollen but not hot or red or marked in any way. Is this normal? It’s painful to touch but not stopping me from doing anything. I jabbed in my left glute today so it’ll be interesting to see how this one reacts.

Also my test is out of date by 6 months but I did a fair bit of reading before jabbing and same to the conclusion that expiry dates don’t mean a lot on substances like test.

So yer any advice or personal experiences to do with the pain would be appreciated.


virgin muscle syndrome - it gets better

Thanks for the reply dude :blush:

I had my first vial starting my TRT was expired. I researched and came to the conclusion that it was safe to use.

If your lower back is painful it means you have injected to far round toward your coccyx and also injected too quickly/not deep enough. Bring the site back round toward your hip and inject more slowly…

At the moment the oil has traveled around to the coccyx region, I had this too on my first few shots, I could barely sit in a car seat!

Thanks for the advice man. I think that you’re right. Both shots I did I left the needle showing a bit ( I won’t do that next time) and both times I could have gone further away from my crack.

I did a bit of research and saw that it’s my sciatic nerves that are hurting. I think that you must be right about the oil making its way to them and irritating them.

I’m jabbing again on Wednesday. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Quads man! Quads. Minus two tines, I’ve had no issues with pinning in my upper/outer quads. Plus, I’m too fat right now to pin my glute. If I tried, I’d be guessing.

ALWAYS inject in the upper outside quadrant of you glute!! Dont forget to rotate to quads like mwhities said. You’re going to develop lumps in your injection sites and you need time to let these subside. When injecting the quad, go towards your hip in the largest part of the muscle.

Do your research…

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So a quick update.

I’ve pinned 4 times now. Right glute twice, left glute and right quad.

I pinned right glute yesterday and my lower back is fine. I think that my problem was going a bit to close to my coxics and not pushing my 1 1/4 needle all the way in. I went further away yesterday, pushed the needle all the way in and injected very slow. All is good!

Oh and my first time in my quad went fine. But 24- 48 hrs after was agony! Hahaha I mean I couldn’t bend my leg and walking was hard enough let alone going up and down stairs. It all comes with the pinning though right. Quite a funny experience!!