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Pain After Each Shot of Test Blend


Hi all,

Sorry if this topic has been discussed already, but I’ve seen similiraties only to Test E.

24 yo , 184cm , 90kg , I have 7 years of training, only last 2 with a proper diet and real-time lifting.

I’ve started two weeks ago, my first test cycle. 500mg Test blend per week , divided in 2shots of 1ml each one.

Each shot has : 30mg Test Prop , 60mg Test Phenylprop, 60mg Test Isocaproate, 100mg Test Decanoate.

First shot : left ventroglute - 22G needle . 1’’ 1/2’ - Crippling pain after the next morning. Lump (not hot, not red, very hard). Pain lasted for 6 days.

2nd Shot - right ventroglute - 22G needle, 1" 1/2" - Just some easy soreness for 3 days after, nothing compared to my previous shot.

3rd Shot - Right ventroglute ( I was afraid to hit my left , as it was still hard and a little bit of pain still existent). - No pain at insertion, inserted slowly, like in 1 min, didn’t shake, in and out w/o problems.

After several hours, again, crippling pain, hard lump, can’t sit on my leg, I couldn’t walk properly for 5 days ( still a bit of pain right now, as I’m typing).

4th Shot - Did it yesterday, around 18:00 (3rd of December) - Changed the needle to a 23G 1" , did in the left quad. No nerve hit, no vein, aspirated as well, nothing, all clear.

In the middle of the night, around 03:00 AM, pain already installed, manageable. In the morning ( this morning of 4th of Dec) I can’t walk properly again. No lump this time. not swole, not red. Crippling pain, walking like Dr. House, again.

I have 2 weeks in a row, in which I managed to train legs only once, I was able to walk, almost normal, one day.

My hygiene pre and post injection , is how it should be - nothing hygiene related for sure.

Gear is legit, I mean it’s for real. - Baltic Pharmaceuticals.

Can the blend of different types of Test be the problem? Not good for me ? I don’t want to do another shot, until I can solve this. I want to train legs agains, to WALK NORMALLY.

Please help, guide me… :slight_smile:

P.S: Kept pressure each time, after the shot. I’ve massaged only 30minutes after the shot.

Waiting for your input fellas, really need some help here ! Thank you !


Based on your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shots going well, I’d guess that it ISN’T a problem with your blend. I’d guess you just got unlucky and injected through some tissue structure which dislikes injections more than most other tissues do.

Do you know if you might be allergic to the carrier oil? (rare, but possible, I believe)


A lot of ug gear use ethyl oleate , which has bad pip.
Are you getting any gains ? I had some bad gear this summer which caused same pain youare talking about, didn’t get shit out of, also try running hot water over for 2to3 minutes to break up crystallization.


I have no idea. Is there any “home” method to test if I’m allergic?

I have no allergies, not tested, but I don’t have any problems with anything.

Yet, I must try to find out, if carrier oil is a problem for me.


I have gains, but nothing out of the usual, as I’ve started my bulk (clean bulk) and you know how it is in the first weeks, you get a lot bigger w/o being on gear.

And asked the person that sold it to me, he said that after my 3rd-4th week I should see gains from the gear.

I don’t know how to proceed. I have to go to work 5days / week , but it’s just not sane to do it with such crippling pain.

How would you go, if this were your case ?


I had trouble with swelling and injection pain when I first started gear. I was doing glute injections until someone suggested that I start pinning in the quads, the vastus lateralis to be specific. I tried with a 3cc syringe and I can’t remember what guage needle… IT SWELLED LIKE CRAZY! I did some more research and learned that alot of people use insulin needles to pin their quads. That shit works beautifully. the needle is tiny and you dont have to shoot deep to get into the quads. I hardly have any swelling, even when I’m using quite a bit of gear. The only things that will give me a little tightness and swelling are long esthers like enanthate. Now I don’t really pin anywhere besides the quads. Its much easier and you dont have to so some weird angle shit to pin yourself. Just watch out for veins, which is pretty easy to do when you are lean. Good luck man!


what type of oil ? some blends tend to have more PIP than others especially test blends tend to hurt more than just regular test injections, it seems like you got scar tissue lumps from first injection this occurs from moving the needle (get someone to pin you with steadier hand) i would recommend you let the area heal and start pinning your upper quadriceps 0 pain and easier to hold since its right in-front of your body.

While on my tren cycle i was pinning ED for 8 weeks nonstop i would cycle quads and glutes and shoulders, i would pin my right quad 3 days straight around same area… never had pain and only mild soreness for the first time i did it kind of felt like i had just done a leg day type soreness.

Additionally i moved from 23g to 25g needles, feels like mosquito bites and very fast to draw if you hold the plunger ALL the way back and let it fill up.


Thanks for your time cryptonite.

The problem I think it was the Mix of Test. I’ve switched the vials of Test BLend to Test E . same dosage. 500mg (2 cc per week - meaning 2 shots of 1 cc ). I’ve done several hours ago my first shot of Test E, no pain, I’ve managed to train legs at 60% capacity (I still have a bit of a stiff left thigh).

I hope after this night, there won’t be any lump or crippling pain. If it’s just a bit of pain, I’m not a pussy , I will suck it up and go with it.

Btw , I used for my glute shot this time , 23G 1" and I’m like 15% bf. I managed easily to do the shot with a short needle.

Hope everything will be ok tomorrow morning. I will come back with an answer tomorrow !

Thank you all !


How’s your PIP been last few times?


i always use 1" for every part of body i am around 10-9% right now and 1" is enough for even glutes but my needle is around 25-27g i have not checked feels like a small mosquito bite and helps reduce scar tissue greatly when pinning ED on tren, try a smaller needle and have steadier hand also make sure you are properly cleaning the area before and after pins